What customers have said about SuperList...

I have used this program over every other list program I have tried. It is the BEST! -- E.C.

I have installed the trial version SuperList3 on my Palm. Knowing that my husband is a list junky, and out of the goodness of my heart, I beamed the app to him so he could try it out. It must have taken him about 2 seconds to decide that he loved it, so he registered for an unlock code before I had a chance to try SuperList3 out. --P.C.

I preferred your app over other specifically-tailored grocery lists as I needed a list-maker for other uses.  Great app.  --D.B.

Love the new SuperList3. --C.C.

I have reviewed several programs specifically for keeping my grocery list. This one is soooo easy to use. I also like the fact that you can edit your list as a .txt file on your PC and then sync it to your Palm rather than trying to add new items to your palm. The sample is set up by category but you can easily change this to aisle if you shop by aisle in the grocery store rather than category. --C.L.

            i appreciate the excellent customer service you've given.--C.A.

           This is a great product! --P.W.

It is a great program! I am using it in-depth for various lists and daily ToDo items that help me to keep my day organized better. -- A.S.

Thanks again. Your instructions are great, and your support is exemplary. -- E.K.

This is such a great idea !! -- J.D.

I loaded it with no problem and it works fine.  LOVE the new vacation list--great idea!! -- L.M.

Just wanted to say I love this app.  -- L.W.

Thanks so much--your program is sooo cool. In fact, this is the first time that I have actually taken the time to read the documentation that goes with a program. Thanks for all your help and I certainly look forward to simplifying my life with it. -- L.S.

Great program. -- M.M.

Thanks again, I love the program! -- X.P.

I LOVE this pgm...it's just what I was looking for. -- L.R.

Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou! -- T.S.

I love your program. -- L. & C.C.

I purchased SuperList2 shortly after I got my Handspring Visor. And between then and the new version of SuperList3, my computer crashed. I installed SuperList3, and deleted the previous version - not realizing that I needed the registration code. To be honest, I would be willing to pay the registration fee again , but I would appreciate it if you could provide me with another code. I realize I have no proof that I ever purchased your program - except for my enthusiasm in working with it! -- J.W. (she got her code! M.)

Love this program!! -- C.K.

I really love this piece of
software, it's already making my life much more simplified.  -- A.S.

Thanks again for a great program. -- N.S.

My brother in law and his daughter both have palms, and they both had your program loaded, and loved it.  -- L.M.

This looks like a very useful program. -- N.H.

Your product is really great! Besides my Bible and To Do List, I use your application the most. -- L.S.

Thank you for a very useful product. -- J.M.

Simple and elegant program, keep up the good work. -- D.X.

Your program more than anything turned me on to using the Palm. Thanks! -- M.M.

What a great application! -- J.P.

I use it all the time!! -- D.R.